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Monday, September 14, 2009


V texted me and said Hunter died in an accident. . . a horrible one @.@his head was completely smashed! OMG! and he died in her neighbor's front door  ~.~ 

such a short life little Hunter had..not even had his puberty yet >.<

R.I.P Hunter....i'll mishh you

R.I.P mosquito...you can accompany Hunter as well

since life is super short for us all, let us not take it for granted or think we can ever cheat death..neverhence...take your precious to express your feelings to the person you care, love and think LESS most rather than just "tomorrow lah..."

one of my maids used to tell me this bug will dance when you put the music on..however 'til now her theory is not yet proved =.=

living creatures are just adorable to admire but most of us didn't even pay attention to things around...true?

R.I.P buggy...i'm not the killer

have you spend time for the ones you love most and contacted less today?



lalalabird said...

who is hunter???

lalalabird said...

btw, y did ur maid lie to u??? WAHAHAHA.. DANCE WORRRRR...

♥snoopy♥ said...

Hunter is V's little puppy....my maid ah? dono..sot de..i also ikut sot. =.=