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Friday, September 11, 2009


cleaned up my living, dining room, kitchen and my own room....for the 1st time by my own in 21 years of accommodating this houseit was tiring but worth it cause i can exercise and also help out my parents at the same time (= my dining room is included in the living room as we don't have any specific space for dining

interestingly i found some hidden treasures somewhere here and there which i had no idea who kept it for so long

this is AFTER the clean up..can you imagine the one BEFORE? =.=
i found laser discs..! OMG..who still buy there for collection please tell me...!
i knew there was a box all along but Chivas Regal...???
my dad's little trophy..look at the close up..it's 1979 eh..! >.<
    RM1 and a vanilla vodka shot, from Angeline
    this is a color pencil from my aunt when she went to Japan many years agothe special thing about this pencil is it has four different colours - red,blue,green, orangei used to have a pair but i lost one. . . .it was years ago when i haven't learnt the word APPRECIATION
   hehe..! i used to play this in Kindergarten and in piano classes but i find it kinda noisy now @.@
this is not in my house but from a night market my dad brought me to in KK..CASSETTES man!!! walao eh..!!


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