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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Extreme Expire

Special Message To All The Dads And Mums. . .

Preaseeee DO NOT keep stuffs such as oilments, sauces, can foods for too long that you think it's an antique to you

i understand that "Don't waste it lah" phrase as well as the "Still can use one..!" sentence but for certain period especially when you don't use it that often, these "antiques" tends to expire AND expire AND expire. . .until it's far forgotten =.=

this is a bunch of my dad's sons and daughters =.=
this is Ms Mamee, 4 years age in my kitchen
 ♥Mr.Kicap...2 years age
omg daddy...you kept this from 1998????

no wonder my dad complains about having stomachache, diarrhea very frequentthere were lot more of expired stuffs in my house PARTICULARLY in my kitchen but i can't stand it anymore and threw it all in the bin

anyone who's interested in these kind of "collection" please tell me...you can be my dad's best friend =.=


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