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Monday, August 10, 2009

Queen J

gosh this is so so so so late but it's better late than never, agree?06/08/1959 is no other than the 364 days past but it was the day that built my presenthehe...happy 50th birthday to my Queen Joan Tsai..!!

mum with her birthday present from brother and his girlfriend

a women who doesn't pay any interest in any subjects in school yet has great passion in sewingshe's callous at times but also nice and adorable too. . . which i questioned about it myself 

people said when some one grew older their attitude, emotions and character tend to transformed into a child-like adult i remember watching tv dramas when i was a little girl where old people are more furious, sensitive and bad-tempered but i do find my parents adorable not to mention my aunts and uncles too

i do hate her at some point - disagreements, miscommunications, disapprove me from hanging out with my friends etc etc but those are just normal stuff that happens to almost all of the mums vs daughters it's like the "hate" is not used in a bad manner instead, it's just a way to hurt a person unintentionally 

honestly..i don't say sorry after our arguments *giggles* yea i'm mean i'm not used to that emotional episode and thumbs up for my mum is not bothered at all ^.^ 

anyway it's her 50th birthday this year *WOOOOOOW* and we had dinner at Gayang Restaurant [again] with family and a special guest due to STRONG REQUEST that i couldn't say "NO"

bought her a MNG tee

P/S. after that dinner i went off with Coffee to celebrate his coming birthday which falls on 07/08/09 - a next day after my mum's @.@

-extra scene-

Coffee: [on the way to dinner] i bought your mum a present, ask her to buy me one tomorrow lah
Me: you tell her la later..
Coffee: ok lah
Me: [confident nyerrrr...]

Me: mummy...
Coffee: *shakes head*
Me: just now he asked me to tell you "buy me present also"
Mum: ha? hehe..next year la next year la...
Coffee: *blush*

Mum: wa..tomorrow is your birthday ah? then we can celebrate together every year lah
Coffee: can ah can ah..
Mum: u buy me cake i sing birthday song for u lor
Coffee: ok ok *blush*



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