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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello 995

a warm welcome to my new Sony Ericsson W995 which sums my weight to 51.613 kg  =o/ i purchased a red one though it's my out-of-list color but that's the best color among three - silver, black and red 

i wanted to post this because. . . .I WANT TO COMPLAINNNNN~~!!!  

lamba wan...the animation is too ugly for me to look at...! and it must be sent via MMS texting...! >.<*

OMG~~~~~!!! why on earth does it have to use MMS??!?! this is ridiculous! adding it cost diff from normal charges...especially when i'm serving DiGi but my friends are using Maxis and Celcom instead of we-are-happy-family plan

lamba too....the conversation and messages confuses me sometimes the only difference is conversation is a conversation @.@ it's like a pop out texting method

 lamba tree...the WALKMAN and media function are basically the same ~.~ click WALKMAN and it opens straight to the player ~ click on media plus another two clicks then it reaches the player . . . . . $*@^!#(+$#)+|":%

but still...thanks daddy for this! ^.^

review ENDED


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