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Friday, August 28, 2009

Mist Club

a virgin night to The Mist Club in Bangsar the place is cool but the only weird thing is...there were lots of indians i don't understand why anyway...i met the bartender and surprisingly he gave us free coccktail and shots (= what a lucky night

blurry picture of the exterior
FOC blue lagoon from KoKo, the bartender
FOC..i think it's a vanilla plus something shot
my 3am look @.@ with vanilla stains and make up smudges...euuu


Saturday, August 15, 2009


got the chance to Kinabalu Yacht Club since year XXX [can't remember =.=]was looking around, enjoying the breezy weather with a glass of iced kit zai sui and some random pictures (=

 sunset (=


Friday, August 14, 2009


i had my hair done since the past two weeks but it was too short so. . . .i decided to delayed until i'm satisfied with the length and post it here for a clear view (= and here it is..

 #1...left side

 #2..still left side but the 2nd layer which is the inner part of the hair

 #3..right side..
 #4..the inner part of the right side
 #5..i divided my hair on the right side (=
    #6..i don't fancy bob at all cause it look like a mushroom from the side so i have my back side a simple straight,layered cut
    #7..just for fun..! :D


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello 995

a warm welcome to my new Sony Ericsson W995 which sums my weight to 51.613 kg  =o/ i purchased a red one though it's my out-of-list color but that's the best color among three - silver, black and red 

i wanted to post this because. . . .I WANT TO COMPLAINNNNN~~!!!  

lamba wan...the animation is too ugly for me to look at...! and it must be sent via MMS texting...! >.<*

OMG~~~~~!!! why on earth does it have to use MMS??!?! this is ridiculous! adding it cost diff from normal charges...especially when i'm serving DiGi but my friends are using Maxis and Celcom instead of we-are-happy-family plan

lamba too....the conversation and messages confuses me sometimes the only difference is conversation is a conversation @.@ it's like a pop out texting method

 lamba tree...the WALKMAN and media function are basically the same ~.~ click WALKMAN and it opens straight to the player ~ click on media plus another two clicks then it reaches the player . . . . . $*@^!#(+$#)+|":%

but still...thanks daddy for this! ^.^

review ENDED


Monday, August 10, 2009

Queen J

gosh this is so so so so late but it's better late than never, agree?06/08/1959 is no other than the 364 days past but it was the day that built my presenthehe...happy 50th birthday to my Queen Joan Tsai..!!

mum with her birthday present from brother and his girlfriend

a women who doesn't pay any interest in any subjects in school yet has great passion in sewingshe's callous at times but also nice and adorable too. . . which i questioned about it myself 

people said when some one grew older their attitude, emotions and character tend to transformed into a child-like adult i remember watching tv dramas when i was a little girl where old people are more furious, sensitive and bad-tempered but i do find my parents adorable not to mention my aunts and uncles too

i do hate her at some point - disagreements, miscommunications, disapprove me from hanging out with my friends etc etc but those are just normal stuff that happens to almost all of the mums vs daughters it's like the "hate" is not used in a bad manner instead, it's just a way to hurt a person unintentionally 

honestly..i don't say sorry after our arguments *giggles* yea i'm mean i'm not used to that emotional episode and thumbs up for my mum is not bothered at all ^.^ 

anyway it's her 50th birthday this year *WOOOOOOW* and we had dinner at Gayang Restaurant [again] with family and a special guest due to STRONG REQUEST that i couldn't say "NO"

bought her a MNG tee

P/S. after that dinner i went off with Coffee to celebrate his coming birthday which falls on 07/08/09 - a next day after my mum's @.@

-extra scene-

Coffee: [on the way to dinner] i bought your mum a present, ask her to buy me one tomorrow lah
Me: you tell her la later..
Coffee: ok lah
Me: [confident nyerrrr...]

Me: mummy...
Coffee: *shakes head*
Me: just now he asked me to tell you "buy me present also"
Mum: ha? hehe..next year la next year la...
Coffee: *blush*

Mum: wa..tomorrow is your birthday ah? then we can celebrate together every year lah
Coffee: can ah can ah..
Mum: u buy me cake i sing birthday song for u lor
Coffee: ok ok *blush*



Sunday, August 09, 2009


a big round of applause to. . . . . me for being sick, 3 times in 2 months *sigh* seriously i'm luckier to get sick than to win a lottery ~.~ i guess i'm qualified to be entitled SICK QUEENmy brother said "People come back here for holiday but you come back here to fall sick" . . . yeah yeah like i want it like this

yet who or what to be blamed? weather? my weak immune system?whatever it is people out there should NOT be aware but be EXTREMELY VERY VERY SERIOUSLY aware about our health nowadaysit's easy to get sick but not as easy as to be the other way round so. . . .take care peeps

*cough cough* aiyerr...luckily no blood


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Weight Loss

u know those weight that you had been carrying in your bag - hand phone(s), keys, wallet, lotion, make ups, etc etc..? well i don't usually carry those around..not even a handbag cause i had been carrying "extra weight" for so long and i'm tired of carrying those weights with mewell "GOOD NEWS" happened two days ago when i lost my phone in a fitting room during my shopping spree..! yeay =.=tried to called twice where no one answered then, the phone is switched off [how great!!] :| :|now i lost another few hundred grams from my hand =.=

the dark side of this is i lost all my contacts, messages and some pictures while the bright side is...it's time to change my phone anyway... =.=