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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kuching Week

HOLA!!! had been MIA cause I flew over to Kuching for the Rain forest Festival. . . which had been canceled due to H1N1 =.= 
but then we had other plans so..it's was great! >.<*

erm...4got the name but it's really delicious
green tea cha guo
fresh and tasty ba zhang [rice dumpling]!
we went to the famously-introduced SIN LIAN SHIN for their kolomeethumbs up up up!

it's 'lil old but i love the atmosphere
one of the kolomee (=
red kolomee
hot,yummy little yam puff
Left: Quote V "turtle family but not turtle" =.= Right: wild boar meat
Sarawak asam laksa and 3 layer tea ^.^
Sunny Hill's ice cream! soft and refreshing!
the last night we stayed uncle and auntie Tan brought us to dine at a restaurant (=
Beijing duck..yummy!
i think this is yin yang prawn cause it has both salad and black sauce prawnsi start to miss them pulak >.<
BONELESS sweet and sour fish :D
aahhh...desserts...speechlesscandidates are New York cheese cake, Cocoa Napoleon and Banana Chocolate cheese cake
a random SNOOPITIZED viva!! >.<
new friend: Hunter! he's inactive during the day, hyperactive at night =.=
Pic Of The Week: McD's not for sale LIP GLOSS with the make up artist
goodbye Kuching! i love you~~~~!!



ViviaN said...


anyway,u so pandai hoh?whats the green tea cha guo?-_- thats ang ku kueh my darling,and so smart yin yang.CHEF TANG!!

p/s:nice shot of hunter!

ViviaN said...

and oh,sarawak laksa nia.

bu yong add duo duo asam de.

♥snoopy♥ said...

=.= i 4got d name bah..ma write cha guo lar..hehehe...

not yin yang meh? @.@ asam laksa nice ma..more yeng leh.. >.<*

yeah lah...whn i look at it thn i OMG! *pengsan*