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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


During dinner. . .

Auntie: don't take a picture of me eating lah! so ugly..! yer..!

Dad: she's like that one..she'll take those ugly ugly one and show it to her friends afterward

Snoopy: =.="


During road trip. . .

Mum: look at your daughter, put her feet on the window..she doesn't look like a girl

Dad: . . .

Snoopy: *pretend i didn't hear*


Bro: go get the table clothe from my car. don't forget to lock the car ah

Snoopy: :| *walk away*

Bro: you go to my car and help me to take the parking ticket.

Snoopy: ~.~ *walk away*

Bro: eh?!?! why only one??!? inside the car also got a lot..

Snoopy: you didn't say properly?!?!? @#$%^&*( *walk away again*


Auntie came into my dad's car and i was sick

Snoopy: Auntie, i'm sick oh!

Auntie: HAH?!?! sick ah!?!? you don't come near me, i'm sensitive one woh..!

Snoopy: =.=

After dinner. . . 

Auntie: aiyah..! i think i'm infected already..!

Snoopy: *so fast?* HAHAHAHA..!!

After shopping. . .

Auntie: die loh..! i cannot breathe now..!!

Mum: *giggles*

Snoopy: =.=" *dramatic nyerr*


In my brother's CC. . .

Snoopy: *blogreading*

10 year old kid: who are you oh?

Snoopy: ???

10 year old kid: ei..??

Snoopy: ??? *giggles*


Before road trip. . .

Mum: when you want to go back? [to Tawau]

Dad: Monday or Tuesday loh..i have to work ah

Driving somewhere in KK. . .

Mum: when are you going back again?

Dad: Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday lor...

Mum: heheehehe...wa..that day say need to work..?

Dad: . . . .


Dad looking at a size XL shirt. . .

Dad: amoi... ini ada size X kah?

Promoter: :| :|


Dad: *shy*eh bukan....size L...L

5 mins later. . .

Dad: moi...moi....ini size X..?


Promoter: :| :|



lalalabird said...

siapa little kid tu??? so cute~

n de last conversation... ur dad!! WAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!! Size X!! first time to hear tis!! WAHAHAHAHAHA.. in conclusion, ur dad is super cute~

♥snoopy♥ said...

dono leh..he went into my bro's CC ma...thn suddenly ask me...

yeah lah..! my dad..! >.<* twice leh!!

fARahyma_with_LOVE said...

wahahaha..funny nya dad ko michel..ketawa ba aku sndiri2 cni..haha..aku lau gtu x bleh than, dpn org tu aku ketawa jgak tu..;)

♥snoopy♥ said...

lari aku jauh jauh ketawa sendiri...di Parkson bah..Wawasan sana..suka tu dia pg ctu.. @.@

fARahyma_with_LOVE said...

mmg tu d parkson tmpt parents2.. lau aku boring d sna, kecuali mo mkn kfc..haha..

♥snoopy♥ said...

hahhaa..! aku pulak ndak pernah pg KFC ctu..bapaku excited kalo pg shopping cna.. =.=