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Friday, June 26, 2009

Road Trip

woke up around 7am, packed for Road Trip to Kota Kinabalu! not that excited thought cause i'm STILL SICK.. @.@ and it got worst all the wayi keep peeing wherever we stopped and it was totally frustrating.. anyway.. halfway driving, my dad pulled through and both of my parents went down 'lil curious cause i was sleeping so i checked out what they did and recorded it

they were picking up small stones for my mum's cactus =.= noticed that "What are you doing oh?" twice? i guess they were too excited about those stones that they BSKL me =.=""the next thing happened was my mum somehow got my dad to steal some roadside flowers :| :|

pencuri bunga =.=

second round he did it again...without any orders from my mum [dah pro kot =.=]

tat innocent look..ish ish

cute T-shirt i bought for my dad from Barcelona ^.^

other than that, they woke me up and said "SUNSET SUNSET..!! TAKE PICTURE..!!"such cute parents..hmmm

take one!

take two

hehe..heroin slept all the way

by they way, my dad told me earlier that Micheal Jackson was pronounced dead last night too sad to hear that, too bad his concert was incomplete



lalala said...

ur papa n mama mau paktor lar... u kacau them.. hahahaha

♥snoopy♥ said...

no..i din kacau..i sakit..tido at the bac oni...bt i heard them toking & arguing lar...blog it soon =.=