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Sunday, June 07, 2009


this Quickie is about what happened other than revision for FINALS just a quick review about the past 2 weeks
WARNING: again i repeat it's quickie for the past 2 weeks..so it might take 5mins to read this post (=

27th May 2009was burning midnight oil for both final papers of Clinical Biochemistry and Hematology the question of "ask how was it" really annoys me and i hate it a lot especially when i said "okay loh" then people replied "can one lah...can pass one"yea right, like you knew *roll eyes* i'll surely blame you for comforting me with that can-pass-lah quote when i need to cross that bridgei received an UNKNOWN CALLER's incoming call...againand she asked me if i can help her with a survey, of course i said YESafter that she gave me a number claiming that i can have a discount whenever i buy electronics from her companythen the call ends [drama is doing to happen..stay tuned]

28th May 2009 V,G and i went to Frankie & Benny's after exams and we ate the most disgusting & sweetest [as in beh tahan sweeeeet!!] Brownies with Ice-Cream ever on earth!!♥

29th May 2009i did nothing except movies..WTF*??!?!!!!DON'T say "no wonder can-pass-lah" !! i knew it was bad but i just can't resist watching for the whole day!

2nd June 2009 hmph..i was studying for the next day when i received an UNKNOWN incoming call...AGAIN! this time drama happened..it was from the previous survey[scroll up] and this girl said that the number given was VERY LUCKY to win a SECOND PRIZE of USD 16,000..!!!! :| :| :|then she keep talking, explaining, reasoning, making sense about their company - what, how, when, wherethe wierd thing is she advised me to be humble about the prize i won as it's a huge amount..when i knew she was Miss SCAMMER :| :| but since she's the one who called so i chatted with her like buddiesshe invited me over to HongKong and call her someday to Disneyland =.=" i told her i'm giving the money all out to my parents and she keep saying i'm such an obedient when i was kidding *shrugs*after we hung up i was dreaming about that USD 16,000 with holiday trips, mini cooper, shopping etc etcshit her for drifting my mind away to Hongkong

saw that M5258? that's my so-called-chinese-name =.=

3rd June 2009 was my 3rd paper, the super-hardest ones among all as it's the accumulation of Semester 1 and 2 - Biology of Disease but then we managed to overcome it without looking back nowand i slept the night until the next morning to start my last paper's revision
4th June 2009 Day - last paper, Clinical Immunology and then we went out shopping cause G was in a hurry to get her family some souveniersNight - i was working in the Bar and it was crowded and everything has to be in a rush :| added up the tiredness of revisions & sleepless nights, this day was exhaustedthanks Osbert for the Chicken Rice (=

Chicken rice from Osbert

5th June 2009 the year end's Carnival Flingi was working on the floor from 12~8pm WITHOUT any break..!! the worst thing is i had nothing in my stomach from breakfast til dinner! ~.~ i reached home, ate like a monster and slept like piggy for 12 long hours PS. muscle pain

i had no idea why they used 2007's =.=if you can spot a guy with short jeans and red scarf..he was cute..until he wore like that @.@

6th June 2009 G called and we had the last breakfast before she went off to airport *sniff*thanks for your "pork" congee, G then i went to Metro with Tanaya and Vwent to their house after that and called it a day PS. muscle pain kali dua

my summer wear! not that pants though


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