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Friday, June 12, 2009


why oh why do i fall in love with you, PlayBoy? you're not the most amazing name i'd ever heard, not even close to my cup of coffee, tea or mineral water

i wonder why. . . i look at you a lot, hypothetically hoping that i can have you completely which in reality it's just in my head *sigh*

but i do purchase you...maybe not regularly but it doesn't mean i don't carei do...just.....care-LESS ahhh...Playboy is not what i fancy as much as Snoopy but i can't figure out why i pay attention to this brand 'lil more than the othersi suppose it's the attraction that it gives me?

it's not love at 1st sight, in fact i can't remember when was the first...last....first...last time i saw this brand =.=AND I'M NOT A BRANDED GIRL..i totally hate brands! *frowns* somehow Playboy doesn't sound so brand to me (=

all i know is every time i look at it..the feeling just grew deeper..it's like you start to admire someone you knew long ago and the feeling just gets deeper each time he's in front of you and incredibly stays inside you without realizing it

nudity exposed in Playboy magazines by highly paid sexy models the exclusive high fashion designs up-to-date libertarian of political and social issues all of these distinctly represents Playboy which i fall for *hearts*


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