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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Maria_Beautiful Girl

hehehe....remember the 200 Pounds Beauty movie?yea yea..the 2006 Korean comedy (=well...i have this habit of repeating movies and i got this movie from my UK flatmateand guess what...i watched it for around 10 times already, including the ones i watched in YouChoob

i don't really fancy Korean dramas or movies cause the crying scene are way too much and people watching cried much more than those dramas =.= my mum likes them even though she keep complaining the actor and actress cries a lot. . . can't understand her

anyway...i can't get enough with this comedy. . . seriously i can'tthe 1st movie that i can repeat over and over and over and over again in a day

i love the actor, actress, the storyline, the dog [pang!], the soundtracks

teaser clip - Beautiful Girl

she really sang this song in this movie (= how nice


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