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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Long Journey

with a long post of pictures about this journey

despite all the sleepless nights i had, i still have to drag myself for this big day yes...it was a big day indeed

special thanks to Liam who helped me a lot in cleaning, cooking and moved my stuffs..i owe u man and we'll go out someday next year, my treat

other than the bus from Newcastle Central Station to Milton Keynes was 'lil delayed, everything was fine

reached a stop [can't catch its name] looking back at the road taken admiring my newly bought shoes (= waiting for another round of bus as the other passengers did
wondered will i be like her 30 years later waiting to be taken as today

chewing some food into my stomach tank while watching people come and go traffic jam at the departure door flying up in the sky, looking at the pure clouds that brought peace and of course the H1N1 form that all passengers have to fill in
nonsense..! who wants to sit in a plane for Xtra Long [time/hours was interpreted in my head]??!well...it's just me..

basically i love to fly cause it's near to the peaceful sky especially at night when the sky was crowded with stars (=looking at it, went speechless yet managed to pose a smile to the outer side
at the beginning, the flight was alright. except there were no food provided [ala...AirAsia]. and no TV [ala...AirAsia again]. and the plane was shaky almost every hour [ala...AirAsia ha?]

it's like sitting on an OGAWA massage machine but when it first shaked my brain quickly thought of France Air : :thought of what would happen if i just suddenly *POOF* off from this world?

even Surshen Tan and Dr.Wong also can't do any examination sincemy body won't be found but lucky me that the Lord stil have mercy on me and i lived..! that's it..! for those who still can't figure out where is my summer trip destination after that BIG sign of the airplane above..kindly Google AirAsia and read where does the company originate from =.=til then..!



fARahyma_with_LOVE said...

blik malaysia sda? welkam back..haha.. ada souvenirs ku ka?

ViviaN said...


♥snoopy♥ said...

[farah] erm...ada tapi jgn complain tau

[surshen tan] wat's so funny =.= no food no tv leh