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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Kumpur or KL my very first place of Summer 2009 (= thrilled. excited. happy. overjoyed the feelings that i should felt as soon as i reached..wait, "should"? hmmm...yes...SHOULD

hot. noisy. headache. smells is what appeared in my head =.= of course the reunion with friends gave the credit but nothing much changed over the 8 months and i wonder it's a good thing or bad
the couple

thanks to Satay and Darling [Jiok] who waited for me in KLIA's KFC when AirAsia landed at LCCT =.="but then it was a funny experience for all of us..haha..!after the extreme weather and heat, i just can't take it anymore..i went back to INTI Nilai and showered, changed and rushed to The Curve
long-time-no-see Tissue Girl

met Ah Hwa, Tissue Girl, Mathew, G had tea, movie and SUPPER together~! it was a stuffed night after all and i really really missed Malaysian Food very much..!

nightlife at The Curve

more to come people..see ya..!



jiok said...

darling, typo lar~ where is Kuala Kumpur?? wahahahaha..
anyway, when did u curi curi take de pic of us?? omg~ stalker.... keke
love ya.. enjoy ur days at hometown!!

♥snoopy♥ said...

? lame ah ni =.=

err...tta time u 2 shuang shuang tok tok tok tok...i got nothing 2 do ma click click lor..hehehe...

i kena gigit nyamuk here..& hav 2 cari internet all d time /.\