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Friday, June 19, 2009

First Bites

"what will be the first thing that goes into my mouth?"that was the question played in my head when we went to The Curve on 14th June 2009

i never thought it was G's LITTLE PINEAPPLE TARTS. . . . :| :| :|after months of waiting for local food, the crown went to a little pineapple tarts..! @.@oh~ let it be...forget that question and the expectationsjust move on. . . =.=

as i mentioned, we went to Little Penang Cafei'm not really a fan of noodles but i ordered Lam Mee it was not hot enough but it was nicehahahha...! i don't have the picture of it cause toooooo hungry that when it came i just forgot about the camera which was 3cm from my hand =.=

that was my First Bite at Little Penang Kafe moved on to a movie then supper....

to SS2 kot...either SS1 or SS2 =.=

long time no see, friend! [roti cheese]

had a bit on "Lou Shu Fan"

shoot..! i didn't took a picture of my First Roti Hawaii...! but it was awesome..! totally fell in love with it...



ViviaN said...

whats inside roti hawaii!??!?!

♥snoopy♥ said...

minced chicken..sausages..topped wit cheeseeeeeeeeeeeee