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Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

What’s the thing that you feel secure about and can be sure that it won’t flow out of our hands?

It’s raining heavily…
Until it overcame the tears that I shed a moment ago.
Feels like it heard someone, somewhere, somehow was weeping.

He blessed me with a man full of love and care that I can’t imagineThe sacrifice that this man made for me since I came into this world was like a non-stop musicA man that I can’t even think what will happen in future if he would have gone before meYes, it’s silly to think about it now but it just came

How could I let him go when I haven’t spent the most of my time with him like I do to my laptop? I’m not prepared to stop calling him Daddy - never will

I might not know in detail about this man’s life before me but for sure, certain and I had no doubt, he has his success I can obviously perceive

Saw Feel Thought Knew ExperiencedBelieved

It will never change And absolutely won’t flow out of my fingertips

Happy Father’s Day. I love you, Dy


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