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Sunday, May 17, 2009

S&R Day

the reason i'm blogging about the Selection and Recruitment Day is because of the interviewi was questioned with few simple questions and all i did was CRAPPED i can't really remember all of it so i'll try my best to fill in the blanksthe interviewers were Rachel and John and the questions were asked alternatively by both of them but first things first..below are pictures of what we did at S&R..

welcome speech and introduction on student recruitment

'lil cat we made from the group activity (=where disaster begins..

throughout the interview my mind was spinning as well as my words that came out of my mouththere were 3 things that spun in my head - A: what's the question again?, B: what the hell am i talking about?, C: shit! i should have say more!so just refer to what's A,B and C if it appears in the middle of the conversation

Q1. Why do you want to work in Student Union (SU)?
The main reason is because i was told that people here are racist so i wanted those people to know that there are nice people here. After i joined the S&R today I find that it's fun and people are nice and. . . .not as racist as people thought [B]. I wanted to mix with different people and to see myself that people in Newcastle are not that racist. I had working experience before but it was outside of the university and i would like to try university jobs because it's university related and i can contribute to the university [B]....so yea... [C].

Q2. What skills do you have to work in SU?
erm...i'm hardworking....and i'm have the ability to learn. I would like to learn something new like working as a bartender. [A]As a science student, i was taught to try to know things that are unknown and i had been into experiments, labs but i never try communicating with newly met people, to get to know different backgrounds of people [A]. So yea....that's it....[B + C]

Q3. Why do you want to work as a bar staff?
I had always wanted to work in the bar because it's really something new to me [sorry i can't remember what i answered...]

Q4. Have you experienced any customer services and/or how would you improve the customer services?
I had one experience about my tuition fees...erm.....school fees...and we were supposed to get 500pounds rebate when we got to pay at a certain period of time. But we did not received any notice about it and we missed the due date. So we had meeting with the....person in charge and this kind lady called Jane helped us to figure things out and we still have our 350pounds discount [A]... So to improve the customer service, i would like to help people in need...no matter what job, bar staff or whatever job i'm in..i just want to help these people so that they won't be....lost [B] and they get the help they need [B].

Q5. What would you do if you received a complaint?
Firstly i will ask me team members if the complaints are true and if it's about me alone or the whole team. If it's only me, then i will firstly seek advice....and change my bad characteristics.....[A] and provide better services to this customer. [B + C]

Q6. If appointed, how would you improve the Bar Staff?
hmm....how would i improve..??.....Firstly it would be friendliness...it's very important because if we are strangers i won't be introducing a lot about what we have in the bar and i won't be communicating well [B] but if we were friendly then we can communicate a lot and i can introduce what's in the bar....[B + C]...and....the knowledge of alcohols should be better [B]...like a JD coke will not be suitable for everyone...we should try...experience something new...the variety of drinks should...be...broaden.
what a crap i crapped and screwed..it's all COCK - AND - BULL - SHITS~~!

the chances of being appointed..? NONE..!!!!again...pray banyak banyak loh..


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