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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Purplish Me

i always wanted to try purple on my hair i know it's hard to get the effect of that shinny, silky, breezy color but i really like it

looking at the model, i can say i am dying to have that hair color..!can you see it's not totally purple? it still maintains some black shade somewhere in and out

damn i feel so dreadful for not having it now..!!
i'm feeling it..! it's calling me~~~~! URGHH~!!

on the other hand, i can't imagine myself with that color though hahah!!awww.. what should i do?!!?i really have no idea whether to say YES or NO...



ViviaN said...

do whatever u want darling, coz u get to live only once.

color it bright green like the girl we saw in john lewis.YEE HA!

afterall,life's all about urself!

Richeal Phil @ Ritz ^-^ said...

I at tawau zealand oledi lol... turun salji di sini taw hehehe..anyway ...pang come back at 20 may so kitaorg janji p tgk transformer sudah hehe

lalala said...

ya!! totally agree vf wat vivi baobei said!! purple sangat yeng~ mysterious~

♥snoopy♥ said...

okay okay~
u all wait 4 my new hair style soon~~!