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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

ah...! Happy Mother's Day people..!! hmm...i don't really celebrate Mother's Day for the past few years actuallyi think i'll keep the stories for next Mother's Day..hehe cause for now, i want to blog about what i did on Mother's Day 2009it was really a coincidence that my friends and i went out for lunch after mass today cause Ubong invited me 2 weeks ago but i told him it's better that we go out this Sundayso we went to Luckies Bar and had lunch..don't worry, i'm not wasting money! it's cheap and besides...Ubong paid for us *shyy*

Luckies Bar..it's merrier at night (=

the bar and bartenders

Sunday Lunch: Roast Chicken with vegetables,potatoes and some kinda bread

this is Ubong (= . . . P.S. don't comment about my face or hands oh =o/
From Left: Ubong, G, Stanley and V

halfway during lunch my dad called and chatted for awhile so i talked to my "SUPA" MUM as well. . .

Snoopy: mummy..! happy mother's day~!!!!!!

Mum: ahhhh~~~ thank youuuuuuu~~~~!!!!!. . . . . .where is my present?

Snoopy: *ughh*

Mum: u know your gor gor bought me a watch err..! ALBA watch errr..*giggles*

Snoopy: eh. . . .

Mum: but the watch is tooooo small. i told your gor gor "next time if you want to buy me watch buy one as big as a CLOCK" . then gor gor said "why??" . i told him "mummy old already loh..u thought i'm still very young meh? my eyesight is not that good already"

Snoopy: oh...i buy u mp3 want or not? [not sure she knows what's mp3 or not]

Mum: mp3..??? don't want lar...you buy me a SCISSORS...

Snoopy: ?!??! scissors??!?!? what scissors???

Mum: neh...those for my sewing use one lah.. i saw one the other day imported from Japan..wahhh~ RM400++ oh~~!

Snoopy: ya meh?

Mum: ya lor...aiyah...this few days mummy so tired uh..have to deal with DBKK ah. . . [she mentioned some more names but i can't remember] going around here and there oh...have to beg people see who can help with your gor gor's case [different story] so tired loh...! this is the first time mummy gam san fu ah..! [tough]

Snoopy: . . . . .ya meh? [i doubt that was the 1st time =.=] u know hoh...actually i got buy things for you woh..those bai leng geh [decoration stuffs]

Mum: ah??!? don't buy any of those loh..!! you see the house oh...full of bai leng gah..! just buy me SCISSORS ah..or else those small small things for my sewing use one loh...you know mummy old di..eyesight not good..if you can buy those convenient things makes my sewing easier then ok lar..

Snoopy: oh....ok la ok la...i'll go look for it... =.=*

Mum: ok lah...heheheheehehee...u talk to daddy lah...take care ah...byeee~ *giggles again*

Snoopy: [like that meh?] hello daddy ah? . . . . . [conversation continues. . .]
that was my conversation with my mum on Mother's Day, requesting for a pair of scissors as a present



lalala said...

haha.. ur mommy is so cute~ but wat is it about ur gor gor's case??
u ah.. dun buy those decoration stuffs anymore.. they r not useful~ hahahah

♥snoopy♥ said...

yeah loh....she wans scissors wor...zha dao~

my gor gor de case ah...mmm...i tell u other time ok?

ok la ok la...dun buy di lar..now buy many many scissors..hahhaha~!

lalala said...

haha.. buy many many scissors??? tis action is gonna stop guys from approachin u ler.. =p

♥snoopy♥ said...

for my mummy lor.. =.=
y u wan 2 stay away from me (-.^)
i wil not hurt u...i won't...i wil never....no...no...!!!