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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lost Concentration

i should be like this by now
apparently, i'm like this =.=..not tired..but DUMB and SLACKED

i had lost all my concentration of study to the Selection & Recruitment Day which will begin in 8 hours when will my brain's memory cells start to absorb something more important like FINALS ? =.=my nerves are not triggered yet, adrenaline are not pumping as it should be [it's pumping for other stuffs... @.@] and the word "stress" is not applicable at the moment SOS is totally unnecessary for now

hmmm....why the hell am i so relaxed? not afraid of finals? [YES I DO~!]confident enough? [walao..! confident to shit & die!]plan to cheat? [who's paper can i peep? =.=]

speechless...pray banyak banyak loh~~~ >.<



Ally Arisa said...

ei.. u got through?!!! the recruitment is for the Student Union?

have fun! and dun worry.. I am sure u will pick up fast with your revision. Good luck in everything!

♥snoopy♥ said...

it's d selection and recruitment day...haven't got through yet...tuesday will be another BIG DAY~

TQ ally~~~!

lalalabird said...

jia you snoopy darling!!