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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lost And Found

thanks to my sweet darl...i no longer feel lost (=hahaa...don't worry..it's true

thank you darl..! *fly kiss*

also thanx to ~gene~he was so nervous and scared when i obviously joked about "just in case i die hoh, bla bla bla"he even said if i mentioned about it again he'll get angry *yaiks*i was laughing all along in my room, thinking "gosh..luckily he didn't get to see my expression now" thanks yea..you're like an electrocute, so sensitive yet funny [funny is only for gene]..! >.<
my S&R interview result

i have been SELECTED as a Bar Staff..!! hooray...! it was totally unexpectedi checked my mail at 9pm when they said the latest will be 5pm but since i wasn't expecting anything good so i don't give a shit of nervous on itbut it was really unexpected..! i guess they love CRAPPERS after all (=and this is what found my soul..and it bring my soul back to me



lalalabird said...

omg.. tat pic sangat ugly ler.. hahaha.. i look cacat~

anyway, glad tat u r fine!! i love u!!

♥snoopy♥ said...

whr got....u wan d one in Loft or this one? this one rit? tis is nice lah~~

Ally Arisa said...

my my my~~~

dream came true eh? congratulations in getting the job!!

be sure to work your ass off during freshers/returners/xmas/easter/finlflingssssss.. :D

the money is great!

♥snoopy♥ said...

yea.. thanx ally (=

hahaa..!! yea..no more vacation i guess.. @.@

i LOVE money~~!!!