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Friday, May 01, 2009

I'm Stalking YOU

yes yes yes~!!! when i saw you i almost went crazyyyy..! i had been thinking so much about you..no joke..! i'd been fantasizing about you all along..! why can't you just come to me?!! just when i was feeling lonely and dull..you came in at the right time, right place..PERFECTO

but thanks to Dorothy..i got the chance to meet you...FINALLY~~! you were HOT, DELICIOUS and ATTRACTIVE~!! who can ever resist you? i know i can't and i never ever will, babeh~

Dorothy bought me DIMSUM!! oh my world..! i haven't been eating dimsum for months..! yea yea that's pathetic..well you try to come over here and eat ang mo-stylo food every single day and you'll know the magical taste of dimsum

aiyah..maybe you think why don't i go out with my friends for dimsum hoh? well if i were to go out with them i won't be this desparate lah! of course there are some reasons
awww..it's really yummy

=.= my dinner before the dimsum arrived at my face

the combination..aarrrgggggghhhhhhhh~!!


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