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Monday, April 06, 2009

This Is Why...

...i can't have long hair now..either straight or curl

#1..curly hair with round face..? no~!

#2..straight hair..walao~ potential ah piao (ghost)

conclusion is..i can't keep my hair long wit this round face so i guess i have to wait til i have a sharper face shape =) at the meantime, short hair is preferable besides..it saves my shampoo HAHAHAHAAA~!!

are you with me people? if u are..wish me luck on my diet plan~!



darling said...

well, i stil think tat long hair doesnt suit u AT ALL... even after u succeed in ur diet plan.. lol.. juz my opinion lar.. hehe..

alexis said...

keke..totally agree!!

cant hav curl hair now..

but d straight hair is kinda like d 1st time i met u in inti..u're fine wit tat!!XD

Anonymous said...

what hair also ok la... just close ur eye RELAX la.....