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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Thing About Him

the man that had been in the entertainment industry
for 40 years, started at the age of 11..well u might think that's not an extraordinary age but hey..that was back then..it WAS EXTRAORDINARY! in fact..he is still the King Of All - no other than Micheal Jackson (=

after those accusation, changes of his physical appearance, two marriages, child abused he still manages to overcome all of it..let's give him a round of applausebeing on top is not easy especially for him, who grew up with bad childhood memories and being accused of a pedophile since 1993 which case just solved few years ago i believe that good things never comes easy and i can see that in him too despite all of the struggle and complexities, he owned what he should own Guinness Wolds Records, Grammy Awards, Number One Singles etc etc...

he might be a regular in court,taking pain killers like candies, not a noble guy, not a role model to the fathers out there but that can't be the reason people judge him, right?it's undeniable that he's got the talent that almost everyone wished they have and to be in his shoes right now

Bravo Micheal...your success is a tribute to your determination



ViviaN said...


jiok said...

well.. in fact, nobody noes if he really did abuse children o not except him n probably de "victims".. bukan mer?? probably ppl did tat to threaten him to giv money to them?? juz guessing.. =P

Ally Arisa said...

got plans to go for his concerts at O2 Arena? the tickets must be expensive.. -_-"

♥snoopy♥ said...

FINALLY~~! i can post comment!

ya ya..V u'r lamba 1 fan

darling..i replied ur comment in chatbox..paiseh...heheh

i might loh ally...i tot his concert over di..hehe...yea it's > 100pounds depends on the seats.. @.@