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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little Mouse In The House

yes..!!! there had been a mouse in my house who constantly steals from people's fridge and cupboardsi can't keep silence any longer so i wrote a note and stick it in the kitchen, a place very obvious that everyone can have a good look at it and then...i found out there was another similar note on the kitchen door and mine was moved next to it toohmm..interestingthis mouse has been expending his territory comfortably that he didn't realize it leads to a big mistake now meeting will be held and i can't wait to SMASH this mouse into a pancake~! until its stomach..intestines..liver..spleen comes off from its body..!! *mean, devil laughter*

UPDATE [25 April 2009]: ahk ahk...seems like someone aka the pink written note misunderstood that i wrote that note for him sheeeeeesh..what a shame for him to be so sensitive



ViviaN said...

LOL...pink carer some more..

♥snoopy♥ said...

yeah lah...hand writing like Dr.Steve de leh~
i think worst then Steve de ...@.@