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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Holly. . .Holly Steel..!

watch this...

just when Simon was about to press on the button..!! i was stunned by her voice

my shocked face..only shorter hair =.=
she's cute and she has an amazing voice..what a combinationthumbs up! thumbs up for her~!

i realized i haven't been watching any movies or dramas for few days..!!!
haha..i can't even remember when is the last time i watched my dramas..i guess Wednesday? maybe Tuesday.. it can't be happening...aaaarrgggghhhhh~~~! i'm OUT OF MOVIES/DRAMAS!!!!



Ally Arisa said...

Finally.. I clicked it. Haha..

She's good alright. Can be in par with Susan Boyle. Tough competition this year. And mostly from the least expected kinds of people. Appearances are deceiving.. Hehe..

lalala said...

well.. darling.. u noe wat.. ystd i watched drama for de whole day!!! call me crazy~
it wasn't bcoz i was addicted to drama.. ok.. i lied.. i was a bit addicted to it!! hahaa.. but, de main reason was bcoz i had nothin to do!! =(

♥snoopy♥ said...

Ally: haha..yea..Susan Boyle is great too..!

it should b tis way..appearance should nvr b a problem at all..hate those who just judge from appearance.. =/

lalala: oOOOOoooOoOOooOo...u go 2 daddy's office curi tulang...tsk tsk tsk...i'm trying 2 dl movie leh now..sometimes good also lah no movie..can focus on studies.. @.@