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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Foolish April Fool

well well well...Happy April Fool everyone =) it's the day when people fools and fooled no hard feelings, no offense, none was meant to get hurt it's like Halloween..without the treat though

hmmm.. are you guys thinking of the best prank on your families, friends, classmates or anyone in mind? well...don't forget there are birthday boys and girls on this "fool" day tooi think they get a BIGGER prank, don't you think?

for those who forgot or don't even know about it OR even for those who kept in mind all the time (especially to his fans) this is the day we remembered Leslie Cheung, nicknamed elder brother, 哥哥 a very talented artist who committed suicide on 1April 2003, leaving just a note with the big D, the thing that every artist have in common...depression of cause every one thought it was a prank as it falls on April Fool but when the news was all over it..everyone who loved him were in tears and sadness was all over Asia let us spend a minute and pray that he is in peace now

his death note was : Depression! 多謝各位朋友,多謝麥列菲菲教授,這一年很辛苦,不能再忍受, 多謝唐先生,多謝家人,多謝肥姐. 我一生沒做壞事 為何這樣?"

i personally love this... =)

Prank Prank~!!!


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