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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Barcelona Menu

Menu From My HOLA Trip..


Day 1 (6th April 2009)..we reached hostel around 12am and everyone showered and some of us figured a simple maths for 3 hours =.= i had to sleep on the floor cause the bed was not enough for 4 person..that night (due to some people's sleeping posture) so...i became a CCTV for the whole house, watched everyone's moves, certain sound and perhaps dreams..?

Main Course

Day 2 (7th April 2009)..we went to Park Guell, had a quick look at Sagrada Familia and then to the seaside rummaged around for food..IN THE RAIN~!! some of us even had ICE CREAM on that cold, rainy, wet night~!!!

Park Guell

Day 3 (8th April 2009).. it rained a little in the morning but then it turned sunny very soon =) =) so we were all in a happy mood. we went to Olympic Stadium, MNAC and another building which i forgot the name =.=


Olympic Stadium *1992

Day 4 (9th April 2009).. it was a sunny day but i was totally pissed and no mood for pictures. we went to La Pedrera, Passeig de Gracia (just a short peep) and La Rambla for a 'lil shopping =) ..and gofres...and ice cream.. >.<

Day 5 (10th April 2009).. surprisingly we had to washed the dishes as we had payed 30 euros for the cleaning service. hmph~ but we left the apartment in total disaster too..hehehe~!

Thumbs Up :-
*70 euros back from the owner
*2nd day got better but 3rd day was the BEST~!

*Nice food

Thumbs Down :-

*The rain

*Lousy apartment

*Barcelona is still SCARY~

Unexpected Happening:-
*I left my very very very de, most most most de, much much much de IMPORTANT thing on a trip: MY CAMERA~~!!!!! and someone just gave me an INNOCENT/DUMB/STUPID/ look instead of opened the door for me..it's like you're craving for GOFRES, you must bake your OLIVER FISH PIE and you're determined to lose weight~!! don't you understand the feeling where you keeeeeeeeeeeeep thinking about it and it can drive you crazy?!??!! NO I THINK YOU DON'T~!!!!!!!

*I vomited right after i arrived my hostel in Newcastle..can't really figured out what happened but then i slept til the next day and my friend (headache) came to visit until now (just a 'lil).



Anonymous said...

sorry snoppyyyyyyy ni yuan liang wo~~~~~~~


Anonymous said...

,ooooooooo so poor little girl....