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Thursday, March 05, 2009

She.My Soul Mate.

it's 5th March 2009~!!!!!!!!!(Malaysia time)

and it's my SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL's BIRTHDAY~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awww...too bad we're so far apart that we can't celebrate the big time 2gede >.<* 

i think it has been 3 years that we haven't spend birthdays together...so sad..
  • 2007 - i went to kl right after 2006 STPM
  • 2008 - i came to UK
  • 2009 - i will be in UK as well
sorry buddy..kumenasai..mianneh..minta ampun~ but i bought u present (TING~! this is the main point)  besides..i bet "someone else" will celebrate with you de la har...represents me also lar.........

♥To the world out there who doesn't know who she is..or knows her partially, this is HER

isn't she LOVELY??? hehehehehee..advertisement ckit ^.^ this is obviously snoopy..

♥ok ok..the next one is really her...have a nice look ^.^♥
♥ok la ok la....this is also an advertisement..her name is JIJI..i think she's DEAD kot..♥
♥the last picture will be the REAL her =)♥
♥i present u....TAMAR KANSIL CHOO YEN MEI~!♥

♥the one on the right..right...right side~

here we go...her skin is two tones darker than mine but yet we had been asked "ARE YOU TWO SISTERS?"♥we looked at one another..speechless..trying to sort out which part of us look IDENTICAL..apart from having the same "V" (breast different size) but of course NONE..& went !!??!?!♥duuuuuhhh~!!! how can we look ALIKE ???!??..it's like how u differentiate ANG MO and NIGERIANS leh..make sense or not??! make sense or nooooooot. her profile..?scroll down =)

name: tamar kansil but i call her tamei
nickname: pat po(busybarreh)
D.O.B: 5th march 1987♥
race: chinese-indonesian♥
religion: christian♥
status: in a relationship..with jeckson or jackson or jacson..whatever cause i never meet him in person =(♥
study/work: studying in UMS (University Malaysia Sabah)
she's d 7th sibling in her family..the others all spread around malaysia, singapore and australia♥
what's so special about her??

ouuu...i must be damned if i still ask that question about her after knowing her for YEARS and preserving this friendship so well..she's my counselor especially spiritually (amen..)she's my loyal buddy since primary 3 when we joined gimrama together haha! she jokes a lot..she gepoh a lot but her EGO IS SO STRONG. for example..

On the phone..
Snoopy: eh..y u din go to school today?
Tamei: i'm sick leh..chronic sick..i kan "RAJA SAKIT"
Snoopy: oh ya hoh...today..
Tamei: you gimme today's homework first..ada orang cari aku kah?
Snoopy: yer..perasan...but got lar..macam biasa..lao se(teacher) all ask me where are you
Tamei:hehee..ya meh?
After finished on that homework thing...
Snoopy: anything else putri?
Tamei: mm..no loh..i need to rest now..really sakit leh me..cannot tahan di..
Snoopy: u all sakit also real de lah..ok lah...see u tomorrow....if ndak sakit lagi..
(snoopy HUNG UP. .)
Tamei: eh eh~!
Snoopy: (TUUUUUUUU . . . . . . . . . .)
Tamei (mum came down from upstairs): er...erm...ok lar..you call me later ok? mm..byee~
Snoopy: (TUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .)

WHAT THE.....~talking to herself on the phone???!?!??!♥the next day i kena diao by her♥"WHY DID U HUNG UP?I GOT SOMETHING ELSE TO ASK U!!DO U KNOW I'M SO FISHY (*&^%$#$%^&*($%^&@#"♥just because her mum was there watching tv♥she's really a person that you can rely on apart from joining her in her silly thoughts, actions, characteristics..♥and whatever she says just makes people laugh♥i don't know about you all tat doesn't know her but everyone who knows her likes her because she's a serious JOKER and she is just so...FUNNY~!!

we never really call each other dear, darling, honey, sweet, sugar,salt, vinegar..or i luv u, i miss u thing. instead..these came up: bodoh(stupid), getek, lanjik(bitch) & the most common one is po. but now that we're thousands of miles apart..we do miss each other & when we think of the old days that we spent together..we just text to say "i miss u" "how's studies"♥we might feel weird back in those days but now it's just something that we have 2 say in order to express ourselves♥it just happened naturally that we started 2 text those so-called-magic words to ease our sadness of being apart *sniff sniff*

she can really remember someone's embarrassing moment very well♥i really have to thank God for giving me such a wonderful friend here..she's like part of my family..of course my parents know her♥there are many times where we think the same stuffs,did the same thing at the same time and had the same incident happened in our life. 

we argued, cat-fight-ed, shouted at each other, forgive & forget, have disaggrements, apologised, encouraged, advised, scolded, helped (in critical moments), laughed together (din cry together that much..shy lar), shared secrets, betrayed (in a positive way), "backed up", comforted, cheated..and so on.

overall..she understands me well..i hate her for that as i can't hide anything from her but at the same time, i like that because sometimes she solved my problems before i even think of any solutions.

so here i am..wishing my Best Friend a very

AND I MISS U~ very much so very so so much~HAHAHA~! >.<*
Tamei..happie 22nd birthday~! I'll always be there for you and never feel that our distance is this far because friends apart are close in heart..apatah lagi you are more than just my friend..May God bless our friendship until my last breath =p 


to be continue... =)


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