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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Malaysian Night 2009

it was the first Malaysian night i had in Newcastle, UK
hmm...i was not impressed initially because it was not what i expected
but then i really enjoyed it..there were fun and i was happy bout it
just one thing that i thwarted about..my dressit was supposed to be a traditional costume but then i don't have mine with me and i had to wear a dress because "someone" told me to dress up nicely urghh...i feel weird

let's proceed to the pictures =)

lovely & lovely


a Chinese dance

the performance of the "7 Princess And The Fisherman"

Indian dance..OH i LOVE it~! cause it's inspired from the movie "ohm shanti ohm" which is one of my favorites

then i got this Indian "tattoo" from a sweet girl, Nedra =)thanks Ned~! i LOVE it~!!

who's Nedra? awww....a very sweet girl who got stressed out when i said "i want a cross on my hand" and "i want something nicer than Angie's"heeheheeeee...sorry Ned

here we go...Nedra~~~

reached home.bored.G was at my house.what else?

#1..aww it was nice

#2..something's fishy


#4..oh gosh~

#5..what the...

#6..this is madness~!


#7..and when the night is no longer young..



Chris said...

Nice pictures & nice design on picture #6...Lavishanaire

jiok said...

darling, how much weight u've put on?? ur face chubby chubby, berry cute ler~~~

Ally said...

hi ya.. our tattoos looked nice eh after it is all dried up. you dressed up prettily that night. next time, just wear what ever you like. that 'someone' din expect you wear til like that also.. hahahahaa..

Osbert said...

wear mei mei nice ma.. hahaha.. there were other ppl who wore like tat also bah.. so chill la. :) mei mei no good meh? :P

vivian said...


i wonder they all noticed the shape of the chocolates.anyone?? o.O

Ally said...

vivi.. we noticed but buat tak tau lah.. haiya.. :P

alexis said...

ur face chubby di..
how come ahh..