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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kuno Me

now i know why more and more people are getting their butts on their chair and face in front of their computers or laptops so frequent that they feel "terribly uncomfortable" leaving them it's the rising games, sites, social utilities that attracts people to join and play which eventually.. become ADDICTED~! not to mention when friends invites you..and if you don't join they will say "u so kuno" walao~ i'm one real good example of this
few years back i was into Friendster after my ex opened an account for me

then people started to use Facebook more often but i only joined it last year @.@ because i was labelled :kuno:

then in Facebook, i was invited to play a game : Pet Society but i rejected at first and then i joined after being labeled :kuno: ...again

and now...another game i was invited : Restaurant City

and blogging~! well...i'm so into these games and sites until i think laptop is what i NEED everydaywhat a kuno me



XN said...

play mouse hunt kuno!

Ally Arisa said...

ignore all those kuno remarks and just be numero uno.. :D

jiok said...

it's ok... kuno is not a bad thing..

j-kiml said...

who cares if u don't play those games? i don't.

but must join Facebook! XD

XN said...

shit. i'm playing restaurant city now. your influence loh @.@
haha hai yau trade lai trade qi tim!