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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dedicated To "Someone"

UPDATE: i went out with the girls after i closed up myself for 2 days and this conversation happened..

Friend: why u eat on the floor?
Snoopy: i feel like sitting on the floor..u ignore me lah
Someone: ya lar...u look like a poor dog eating dog food leh..
Snoopy: my dog no go in house (Engrish)
Someone: hah??!?!! u'r cog (COCK) no go in house?!!!???!!?!!??
Snoopy (almost choked): HAHAHAHHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAA~~!!!!!!! COCK~!!!!!!!!!!

HAHA~! >.<*the mother keep saying yes
0.16~0.22 min reminds me of "someone" who had the same experience

Case I

Someone: by the way, i have ulcer on my lips

Dr: ou..how often do u have ulcers?
Someone: ...i use bonjela..
Dr: (? ? ?)

Case II

In a dental clinic..

Clerk: yes, may i help you?
Someone: walk-in
Clerk: do u have an appointment today?
Someone: ...walk-in
Clerk: no...do you have an appointment today with the doctor?
Friend: erm no..she wants to do a walk-in to see the doctor now.



Osbert said...

lol.. walk in... walk in.. :P

jiok said...

who???? wong angie???

XN said...

LOL!!!!!! one of you told me the other day but i forgot who liao! LMOA!! and that video clip hen fei arh!!! but it cheered me up! =D