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Friday, March 20, 2009

Alexander Lee-Hom Wang

one manmillion fanshuge talentgreat careerattractive looksfluent Englishno idea about his characteristicsamazing songs
a man that gives people the reason why he ought to be impressed, respect and admiredan entertainer whom has what it takes to drive people crazy, spend money on his albums, attend his autograph sessions, cry in his concerts as well as craving to meet him and shout "I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
a singer proved he can conquer the challenge on any genres which he sealed in his albuma born singer-songwriter that can touch the heart of millions worldwide through his passion in music a supernatural talented guy who devoted his life to extract the best in him

A round of applause for Alexander

this song is funny =) it's a rock revolution i imagined if i met him on the street and he said " 我完全沒有任何理由理你" which means i don't have any reason to care about youhahahaaahaa~!


1 comment:

jiok said...

darling, he is really talented!!
who helped u to type chinese words?? or u did copy paste??